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View Event Guide: CX Week Canada

View Event Guide: CX Week Canada

12-14 September 2018 | Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto-Harbourfront, Toronto, ON
Gaining Competitive Advantage by Delivering Superior Experiences with Human-Centered Design

Recognising how critical customer centricity is to delivering superior customer experiences, we want to take this year to explore more deeply what that really means and re-examine the efficacy of our processes. We’ve all been there—it’s easy to begin our projects starting with the customer in mind, but it’s difficult to maintain that focus amid obstacles and other business objectives.

We hope to equip you with the tools and insights necessary to create lasting, impactful change and are offering a few new exciting topics to help you get there:

  • How to Deliver on a Culture of Customer-Centricity through Human-Centred Design & Empathy
  • Introduction to Design Thinking for CX: Experience Innovation
  • How to Create a CX Movement
  • Customer Experience Maturity Roundtables: Achieving Executive Buy-in
  • Back to Basics: Customer Experience Roadmap


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