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12-14 September 2018 | Radisson Admiral Hotel Toronto-Harbourfront, Toronto, ONGaining Competitive Advantage by Delivering Superior Experiences with Human-Centered Design

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CX Week Canada Anticipated Attendee List

Interested to see who will be joining you at CX Week Canada? Take a look at our anticipated attendee list to see who will be joining you based on its past iterations.

2018 CX Week Canada Attendee List

Interested to see who attended CX Week Canada? Take a look at our 2018 Attendee Snapshot. (Last updated 21.8.2018)

Making the Case for CX

To remain truly differentiated and ahead of the vast sea of competition, treating your customers like royalty is the true key to creating lasting business success. Is your organization checking off the basic components to ensure your company’s heart not only keeps beating, but outlives your competitors?If you don't know...

2018 CX Week Canada Session Infographic

We identified key challenges today’s Canadian CX executives are faced with through extensive research and speaking with our community. The CX Canada agenda has been built to answer your top challenges.

Why Measuring Emotions in Customer Experience is Imperative

The benefits of measuring emotions in customer experience cannot be understated. Today, consumers have come to expect a superior customer service experience—and the way to improve it is by paying attention to emotions in customer service. Brought to you by CX Week Canada, take a look at this infographic to...

The State of Customer Experience in Canada - 2018

Over the period of September 2017 to March 2018, CX Week Canada's Media Partner, TMG International asked 85 medium-to large size organizations in Canada a number of questions about their CX strategy and performance. Only 5% of CX employees surveyed felt like had a sense of employee empowermentOnly 27% of...


Customer Experience 101

In the modern experience economy, customers seek and expect a great deal beyond simple delivery of a product or service. They expect an integrated, omni-channel, individualized and effortless experience. A variety of factors including technology advancement and disruptive competition pioneered this customer experience transformation, and now a company’s ability to...

CX Canada In the News

There is certainly no lack of Customer Experience resources. We’ve aggregated a few of our favorite reads and resources for you! Attend CX Week Canada 2017 for dynamic insights and experiential anecdotes diving deeper into the nuances of superior CX through the Canadian lens.

Speaker Feature: Patrick Bach

CX Week Canada interviewed Patrick Bach, Customer Experience & Service Design Leader at TD where he discusses his experiences in customer experience and service design.

Speaker Feature: Adrienne Harris

CX Week Canada presents this speaker feature from Adrienne Harris, Vice President, New Venutres at DATA Communications Management where she discusses her career background and her personal CX journey.

BMO’s Journey to Customer Centricity Through Employee Engagement

Presented by:Kelly HarperDirector CustomerExperienceBMO Financial GroupMissed out on CX Week Canada 2017? Customer experience once lived exclusively within corporate marketing at BMO. However in 2012, a new CX learning function was created within the talent organization focused on articulating the brand internally, enhancing employee engagement and developing CX learning. Through...

Growth Hacking Your Way to the Best Digital CX

Presented by:Troy FawkesSEO and Digital Marketing SpecialistDelta GrowthMissed out on CX Week Canada 2017? Marketing strategy is no longer developed in the boardroom. It is a scrappy process of rapid experimentation and optimization occurring in a testing and learning environment. In order to meet the needs of a dynamic and...

Metrics That Matter: How to Identify and Benchmark CX ROI for Your Business

Presented by:Ashutosh AnilVice President, Customer ExperienceBC Safety AuthorityMissed out on CX Week Canada 2017? We are all familiar with the NPS holy grail of customer experience metrics. Beyond NPS, this panel explores some unique qualitative and quantitative metrics in which can help benchmark your CX programme. In addition, how can...